MLB Ranking Disputes: Tatis, deGrom, and Sale, Oh My!

img By: Andrew Seifter / @andrew_seifter

Bart and I have told you about the players we are collectively moving up and down our rest of season rankings, but what about the players we don’t see eye to eye on? In this episode, we run through some of the players we are furthest apart on.

Does Austin Riley deserve a bump for position scarcity? Is Sandy Alcantara a true fantasy ace? Is Max Fried’s reliability his best asset? Should you still believe in Matt Olson, or is his Braves teammate Dansby Swanson a better fantasy asset at this point? How should we value injured superstars Fernando Tatis Jr., Jacob deGrom, and Chris Sale, now that they may be less than a month away from returning?

Bart and I debate all that and much more.

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